We are Tokyo No.1 group of escort service the Rudie group, operating a escort business in Tokyo for 16 years. Shady Motion is a safe and secure escort company registered with the Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission.
We will reopen a new store specializing in foreigners in the summer of 2022! All working women are Japanese. We also have foreign staffs, so you can play with the girls with peace of mind.
The best thing about Japanese girls is that they are very hospitable and you can spend time with them as if you were their lover! You can choose from young Japanese amateurs, idols, models, and porn stars. You can also enjoy cosplay or arrange a dinner date or bachelor party. Outcall services are available in the 23 wards of Tokyo, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Shinagawa, Ginza, Roppongi, and areas from Narita to Yokohama, Yokosuka, and Fussa. Please contact us in English or chat with us to make an appointment.


Nice to meet you, my name is John Nanjo, the Manager.
Thank you very much for visiting our website

Two and a half years ago, I founded Shady Motion for Foreigners in order to provide foreigners coming from overseas the opportunity to enjoy themselves with Japanese girls.
Why did I want to open a specializing in foreigners?There are several reasons

I joined the adult entertainment industry about 14 years ago
At that time, there were very few stores that accepted foreigners,
And even now, there are very few stores that accept foreigners.

Why? Why are there so few stores?
First of all, there is the language barrier. Very few Japanese speak English, and they are unable to communicate the unique Japanese rules to customers. There are very few stores that can deal with this difficult problem.
Most of the Japanese girls don't want to do it because the stores don't clearly explain the difference between Japanese and foreigners. By explaining the difference between Japanese and foreigners, many girls will understand.

Recently, there are more and more girls whose friends are foreigners or who are studying abroad, and there are more and more girls who like foreigners. It is not because the girls do not want to work, but because the store has a problem.

So, I thought that I would clear all those problems and let foreigners who come from all over the world know the goodness and fun of Japanese sex industry and be a bridge between customers and girls.

Even if they come to Japan, they cannot play with Japanese girls. I often hear from customers that they can only meet Japanese girls in bars and clubs. I want them to have a wonderful encounter with Japanese girls even in the sex industry. I want you to have a memorable time.

Japanese girls are very kind, loving and sincere. Many of them are very hospitable and very attractive.


  • NAME
    John Nanjo
    Hello everyone, my name is John Nanjo and I'm with the ministry.

    In order to break through the current situation of not being able to play with Japanese girls when you come to Japan
    I started this store 4 years ago to break down the situation where people cannot play with Japanese girls in Japan.
    Now we have many foreigners from all over the world playing with us. We renewed and renewed our website so that foreign people can play with us safely.
    We have renewed and updated our website so that foreign customers can play with us with peace of mind.

    Please enjoy yourself with the girls I have carefully selected. You can enjoy the kindness and hospitality that only Japanese girls can offer.
    Please come and visit my store when you come to Japan.
  • NAME
    Hey! This is Luke!

    With an escort and adult industry experience for more than 10 years both Japan and overseas with strong back ground of digital marketing, built multiple shops open for foreigners and managing escort portal site. I am the guy who is helping this shop to welcome all foreigners.

    it all stared meeting with John Nanjo and the BigBoss about 5 years ago as we work together for the common goal i felt their passion and friendliness towards the foreigners and eventually, I officially join this company.

    The creation of Shady Motion is carefully plan with lots of research and development applied we work hard for smooth service and worry-free system for the girls, customers, and the shop.

    We the Shady Motion is not limited to Japan only as we continue to improve our operation we are aiming for global escort business as well.
  • NAME
    Nice to meet you all! My name is Gonzo.

    I am pleased to announce that we have reopened ShdayMotion in order for many foreign customers to enjoy Japanese escort service. We are one of the top-ranked running shop in the Japanese escort industry for many years.
    Our concept is "Omotenashi" (hospitality). We want you to come to Japan and have a great time with kind and nice women along with delicious food and unique Japanese culture. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have about the Japanese way of providing service, wether that is the system and difference of the Japanese women. We have English speaking staff to assist you.
    I have also experience a not so fun service in the overseas it was due to lack of guide and understand of the escort service they offered based on such memory i want you to have the best experience in our shop,
    we would be happy to support you in any way we can.

    Please come and make your best memories with us.


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